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It is well-known that each computer entering the internet has got a name.

This name consists of numbers, which seem absolutely senseless to people who are not acquainted with them.

At the same time, those numbers contain a lot of information that may be useful when interpreted in the right way, for instance with the help of a Whois IP lookup that you can enjoy at our website.

Namely, Whois Lookup enables you to send requests to the base of IP addresses and domain names in order to get information about their owners, administrators, geographic location, physical address, phone number and so on.

Domain names are one, two, three or even more words and combinations of letters (.com, .org, .net, co.uk, .biz, .info and so on) and/or numbers in the end of the web address that are separated by dots.

The number of the words tells us about the level of the domain.

Whois Lookup: Whois IP & Whois Domain - What for Do I Need It?

You may ask what for to look up the line of figures without a single understandable word among them?

This matter can be important to you, for example, in case you are talking to a nice person on the web, not knowing his or her real name and address. You don't need them after all, if you know the IP address and enter our website with its range of Whois lookup tools.

The information you will receive from our Whois Lookup will present you the country where the machine with the internet access is located, the name and contact details of the provider and so on. This is the way you can find out interesting things about your virtual contacts.

Whois Domain Lookup

Besides that, you may be willing to know certain things about a domain. This is not difficult with our Whois lookup who may act as both Whois Domain Lookup as well as IP Whois Lookup depend on what you are looking for, IP address or Domain name.

Our Whois IP Domain Lookup will let you know who owns or administrates certain domain names. Therefore, you will need to enter the domain name (better of the second level: whatever.com, somewhere.org, etc.) into our Whois Lookup tool and enjoy the result. With our IP Whois Lookup tools you will always know what hides behind the mysterious domain names.

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