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What is ASN?

ASN or AS number is an abbreviation of the term autonomous system number. It is a unique number, managed by IANA, which is assigned by the Regional Internet Registry to specific organizations or ISPs in the region in which it operates. More information about the 5 Regional Internet Registries that distribute AS numbers can be found at Whois. The ASN determines or defines the owner's network and can be viewed as a group of IP networks that include IPv4 and IPv6 network ranges.

As you may have noticed, with our IP Lookup, for each IP, in addition to determining which organization or ISP it belongs to, there is also an AS number, which is unique and assigned to that organization. This ASN IP lookup tool was created as an easy lookup of information related to a specific AS number, which includes the name of the organization / ISP, as well as IP addresses, divided into IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in CIDR range format, which fall under the given AS number.

How to lookup ASN IP?

- To lookup ASN IP use the form below with value 'ASN lookup'.
- Then enter the AS number in 'AS' format followed by numbers

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