What is Blacklist Check?

Blacklist check module, also known as RBL check ( Realtime Blackhole Lists ), can help you find out if an IP address is already known as an IP with malicious activity or not and if such an IP address is already blacklisted and exist on SPAM/RBL blacklist.

Along with the basic IP Location and tracking information's our RBL / Blacklist check module can show you also the next informations:

  • Blacklist Status (Reputation):
    • Not Blacklisted
    • Malicious Spiders
    • Distrustful
    • Email Scraper
    • Comment Spammer
  • Threat Level Score From 0 - 250 (the higher number means that IP address is more involved in spam, more aggresive in breaking rules and more dangerous.
    • 0 = Outstanding
    • 1 - 250 = Terrible
  • Spammer Last seen in spam action (The last time a spammer behind a given IP address was seen in malicious action)

What is the reputation of an IP address?

Reputation is an indicator of whether your IP address participated in spam activities or not. By spam activities we mean email scraping, spam commenting, non-compliance with robots.txt rules, phishing acitivy, brute force attack and generally looking at any malicious activity.

  • Reputation For Your IP (from Ashburn United States): Not Blacklisted
  • Score For Your IP 0 = Outstanding (on the scale from 0 - 250)
  • Spammer Last seen in Spam action: Not blacklisted. Not applicable

What is the score of the IP address?

The IP address score from the is a rating given based on the activity of the IP address. If the IP address did not participate in any spam (illegal) activity then the best rating is given 0. If the IP address participated in any spam activity then a rating is given that is greater than zero, and its size depends on the intensity of spam activity.

If the IP has participated once or a couple of times in an action that can be marked as 'Distrustful' then it will have a low rating. And if, in addition, the same IP participated as an email harvester in collecting publicly available emails for the purpose of spamming, then the rating will be higher.

The reputation of the IP address is very significant nowadays. So check your IP or domain and identify possible malicious activities, activity time and also whether it is on the blacklist or not. STOP SPAM NOW!!!


IP Address:
Hostname: ec2-3-235-228-219.compute-1.amazonaws.com
IP Location: Ashburn Virginia - United States (US)
IP Blacklist Check:Blacklist Status: Not Blacklisted
Threat Level Score: 0 (on the scale from 0 - 250)
Spammer Last seen in Spam Action: Not applicable

Blacklisted IP addresses with very high threat level and bad reputation ( April 2021 ): (From Japan), euve270175.serverprofi24.com (From France), dmccom01.com (From France), (From Vietnam)