DNS lookup record results for the domain Youthnationusa.com

The DNS record types tested in our free DNS domain lookup test are divided into 6 large groups with a total of 71 tests:

  • DNS Parent Group - 5 tests
  • NS (Nameserver) - 17 tests
  • SOA (Start of Authority) - 9 tests
  • MX (Mail Exchanger) - 12 tests
  • MAIL (Email) - 4 tests
  • WWW (World Wide Web) - 24 tests

For ease of summarization, review and understanding, we have divided the test results of our DNS lookup record check in four statuses:

  • PASS status - No problem was found in the DNS record
  • FAIL status - We found a DNS record error that requires your attention
  • WARN status - We found a minor DNS record error
  • INFO status - Only information about a given DNS record for educational purposes without any detected errors

Below is an overview of the record results of our comprehensive DNS lookup check for a domain Youthnationusa.com:

Domain is under CNAME so any other test is not required. You might test traff-1.hugedomains.com
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