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What does the term 'Find IP' mean?

Term Find IP, by itself, can have several meanings. So with that term we can think about:

  • How to find your IP address and determine its location?
  • How to find the IP location of any IP address?
  • How to find the IP address of a website?
  • How to find IP addresses belonging to a specific organization or ISP?
  • How to find IP addresses belonging to a specific city or country?

Here, on this page, we will present a module that allows you to find IP addresses and their locations in CIDR format for all countries in the world. From Australia to Canada, from United States to United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands or Italy and all the way to India, Iran, Indonesia, Russia and China. Here you will be able to find IP location of countries by IP range.

IP ranges are divided into IPv4 and IPv6 ranges in CIDR for clarity. Location accuracy for IP addresses belonging to a specific country is 99%. Of course, mistakes are always possible, although the possibility for them is reduced to the margin.

How to Find IP Location of Countries by IP Range?

To find IP location of countries by IP range, enter the name of the country in the lookup form below, for example Hong Kong, Brazil or Japan and you will get a complete list of IP addresses for the country you are looking for in CIDR format.

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