What is an IP Geolocation?

An IP Geolocation is the method of finding out the geographical location of a user using an IP address geolocation informations from mainly GPS tracker (Global Positioning System Tracking), A-GPS tracker (Assistive GPS Tracking), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and radio-frequency identification (RFID).

Almost all modern browser support W3C & HTML5 geolocation technology and it is very accurate way of finding geolocation of IP address especially for users behind WiFi and mobile devices.

But visitors behind desktop computers are also with success traceable.

So if our IP Lookup tool based on IP database and our Whois Lookup tool are a less accurate in showing you location for your own IP address then you will be surprised how accurate is this Geolocation tool. Very often you will get exact physical location of your device and yourself at that moment.

Reverse Geocoding Technology

Usually all similair tools based on W3C & HTML5 Geolocation Technology show you coordinates without process of translating latitude and longitude into place name and street address what is actually called Reverse Geocoding.

With this IP Address Geolocation tool we are going one step further because we have integrated Reverse Geocoding and you will be able to see your physical address along with informations about latitude, longitued, accuracy, altitude and speed. Real Geolocation tracking in real time using reverse geocoding.

Before using this tool you need to approve it and give IP-Tracker.org permission to track your current location.

When pop up prompt with question:

  • "IP-Tracker.org wants to track your physical location" (IE - Internet Explorer)
  • "Would you like to share your location with IP-Tracker.org" (Mozilla Firefox)
  • "www.IP-tracker.org want to use your computer location: (Google Chrome)
  • "www.IP-tracker.org wants access to your location: (Opera)
  • "The website "https://www.IP-tracker.org" would like to use your location: (Safari - only works when connected with wifi)
answer "Allow", "Always Allow" or "Share Location" depend on the browser that you use to see our Geolocation tool in action.

In our own tracking studies the accuracy of Geolocation tracking tool by using WiFi devices (Laptop and Mobile Phones) is within a 50-100 meters. Our desktop computers (which do not use WiFI connection) are also tracked very close to our physical address in that moment. The accuracy is within 1000 - 2000 meters.