What Is An IP Lookup?

An IP lookup is the service to find out location of any IP address (IPv4 or IPv6) and more details about the owner of the device.
The result of IP Address Lookup may include the name of country, country code, city, state or region, zip or postal code, ISP and Organization, time zone, latitude/longitude, host, namesevers, speed connection, proxy detection, and the device information such as operating system, remote port, browser language and browser type.


You can use our tool, for example, to determine location and make sure an individual is located where they say they are in order to avoid fraud.

It is sometimes useful to know whether somebody is contacting you from the USA, the UK, Nigeria or China for example. Our IP locator tool is the right tool to know IP location from any IP address or Domain.

What is a Reverse IP?

With IP lookup locator tool from IP-Tracker.org you can find Domain, location and search for additional information from any IP address or Domain Name such an reverse DNS ( using inverse address in-addr.arpa for IPs version 4 and ip6.arpa for IPs version 6 ), Hostname, ASN, Nameservers, Timezone etc.

Reverse IP, among other tools, is very handy tool for searching how many domains are associated with same IP.

What is a Whois Lookup Service?

And if you are looking for Domain Lookup and would like to search and find out WHOIS the real owner of any domain name then is our Whois Lookup tool very powerful way to give you all information about owner of domain or any IPv4 and IPv6 address.

Enter an IP address or Domain to lookup and search its location.


Geolocation Finder on IP Map
Basic Tracking Info
IP Address:
Reverse DNS:
Hostname: 111-240-77-215.dynamic-ip.hinet.net
ans1.hinet.net >>
ans2.hinet.net >>
ans3.hinet.tw >>
Location For an IP:
Continent:Asia (AS)
Country: Taiwan   IP Location Find In Taiwan (TW)
City Location:Taoyuan
AS Number:AS3462 Data Communication Business Group
Time Zone: Asia/Taipei
Local Time:21:31:04
Timezone GMT offset:28800
Sunrise / Sunset:05:41 / 18:13
Extra Information for an IP Address:
Continent Lat/Lon: 29.8405 / 89.296
Country Lat/Lon: 23.5 / 121
City Lat/Lon: (24.9889) / (121.3176)
IP Language:Mandarin Chinese
IP Address Speed:Broadband (Cable/DSL) Internet Speed
IP Currency:New Taiwan Dollar (TWD)
IDD Code:+886

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