Whois For Countrycross.sk

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Whois IP Domain Owner Info For Countrycross.sk :

Domain:                       countrycross.sk
Registrant:                   TOMK-0196
Admin Contact:                TOMK-0196
Tech Contact:                 TOMK-0196
Registrar:                    WEBS-0001
Created:                      2006-06-15
Updated:                      2020-12-05
Valid Until:                  2021-05-19
Nameserver:                   ns1.websupport.sk
Nameserver:                   ns2.websupport.sk
Nameserver:                   ns3.websupport.sk
DNSSEC:                       24743 13 2 E09FAB65BB6CF151DE9BD7C7BB455F92D72AEF91A82A52034D1990229787C044
EPP Status:                   ok

Registrar:                    WEBS-0001
Name:                         WebSupport s.r.o.
Organization:                 Websupport, s.r.o.
Organization ID:              36421928
Phone:                        +421.220608080
Email:                        [email protected]
Street:                       Karadžičova 12
City:                         Bratislava
Postal Code:                  82108
Country Code:                 SK
Created:                      2017-09-01
Updated:                      2021-01-26

Contact:                      TOMK-0196
Name:                         Tomáš Kremeník
Organization:                 Tomáš Kremeník
Organization ID:              46713441
Email:                        [email protected]
Street:                       Sádočné 49
City:                         Domaniža
Postal Code:                  01816
Country Code:                 SK
Registrar:                    WEBS-0001
Created:                      2017-09-01
Updated:                      2017-09-01

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