Whois For Mail.mocamold.co.kr

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Whois IP Domain Owner Info For Mail.mocamold.co.kr :

query : mail.mocamold.co.kr


호스트이름                  : mail.mocamold.co.kr
IPv4주소                    :
IPv6주소                    : 없음
등록일                      : 2010. 12. 12.
최종정보수정일              : 2010. 12. 12.
책임자                      : 모카몰드주식회사
책임자 전자우편             : [email protected]
등록대행자                  : (주)아이네임즈(http://www.inames.co.kr)


Host Name                   : mail.mocamold.co.kr
IPv4 Address                :
IPv6 Address                : None
Registered Date             : 2010. 12. 12.
Last updated Date           : 2010. 12. 12.
Administrative Contact(AC)  : mocamold
AC E-Mail                   : [email protected]
Authorized Agency           : Inames Co., Ltd.(http://www.inames.co.kr)


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