What is Whois Lookup?

Whois lookup is a network tool, which combines IP and domain name lookup, sending a request to the Whois database for more information regarding officially registered domains or IP addresses. The information includes, among other things, the date of registration and when it expires, the name of the registrant, domain name of the server, organization, ISP, geographical location, physical address, phone number, email and so on.

It is known that every computer that accesses the Internet as well as every device that uses the Internet has its own IP address.

At the same time, these numbers contain a lot of information that can be useful if interpreted in the right way.

The Whois tool allows you to lookup IPs and domains from a different aspect. Namely, each domain as well as IP ranges are registered in the so-called Whois database. In this way, we know who owns the domain and which ISP owns a particular IP ranges, along with a lot of other interesting data.

Domain names are one, two, three or even more words and a combination of letters (.com, .org, .net, co.uk, .biz, .info and so on) and / or numbers at the end of the web address. which are separated by dots.

Whois tool for finding domain owners

Whois, as a tool that uses a public database to find a domain owner, is an integral part of our tracking technology and can be extremely important at some point.

For example, in case you want to find out more details about the domain owner, when and where the domain was registered and the like. Our Whois lookup tool will let you know who owns or administers certain domain names. So you will have to enter a domain name (for example: whatever.com, negdje.org etc.) and enjoy the result. With our Whois domain lookup tool you will always know what and who is behind it mysterious domain names.

Or in case when you want to get information about the ISP and the organization that owns the specific IP address you are interested in.

The information you will receive with the help of the Whois tool will present you the country in which the device with Internet access is located, the name and contact details of the supplier and so on. This is a way for you to learn interesting things about your virtual contacts as well as online domains.

As an addition to Whois lookup in the search for publicly available information and domain investigation, the SSL checker will be of great use, which will provide you with extra insight into the security, trust and credibility of the domain by checking the validity of the SSL certificate..

Division of Whois database

As we have already said, all Whois data is located in the Whois database which is divided by the area they cover. This is coordinated by the IANA, which stands for Internet assigned Numbers authority, which is in charge of IP address systems and the distribution of AS numbers.

Thus we distinguish the following databases:
  • RIPE NCC ( Research I Europe Network Coordination Centre) covering Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East
  • ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) covering the USA, Canada and some Caribbean islands
  • AFRINIC (African Network Information Centre) covering Africa region
  • LACNIC (Latin America Network Information Centre) covering Latin America and some Caribbean Islands
  • APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre) covering Asia and the Pacific region
  • Input Domain Name (without prefix) or IP Address and start using our
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