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In most cases, when you search through our lookup who owns Ovent.ir, you will have the opportunity to find out who it really is,

including very often personal information such as a name, home address, phone number and email address.

It all depends on the domain owner and whether she/he made it possible or not.

Also, you can find some interesting technical information about the domain, such as the date of registration, as well as when that registration was renewed, and how long that registration is valid.

Additionally, you will always have an insight into the NS (name server) that the domain is currently using.

With an IP address it is different. Here you can get more information only about the owner of the IP address ranges, referring to the ISP or the Organization to which the IP ranges are assigned.

As you are probably aware, due to privacy laws, it is not possible to obtain exact personal information about the owner of Ovent.ir without an explicit request to the court.

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% Information related to 'ovent.ir'

domain:		ovent.ir
ascii:		ovent.ir
remarks:	(Domain Holder) ramin nilofari ershadi
remarks:	(Domain Holder Address) jajen sq - shahed st - post - novin ac, ardebil, ardebil, IR
holder-c:	rn565-irnic
admin-c:	rn565-irnic
tech-c:		rn565-irnic
bill-c:		ra1722-irnic
nserver:	ns1.ovent.ir
nserver:	ns2.ovent.ir
nserver:	ns11.ovent.ir
nserver:	ns12.ovent.ir
last-updated:	2021-09-12
expire-date:	2023-10-24
source:		IRNIC # Filtered

nic-hdl:	rn565-irnic
person:		ramin nilofari ershadi
org:		novin
e-mail:		[email protected]
address:	jajen sq - shahed st - post - novin ac, ardebil, ardebil, IR
phone:		09148094151
source:		IRNIC # Filtered

nic-hdl:	ra1722-irnic
org:		Rayan Dadeh Negar Dena
e-mail:		[email protected]
source:		IRNIC # Filtered