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Reverse IP Lookup

Reverse IP Lookup is the check process of getting all web domain names or better say web sites hosted on the same web server through its IP address.

How it can be done?
What our reverse lookup tool do is taking entered domain name or IP address (you can enter both below into our lookup form) and then through the reverse IP lookup process check how many web sites use the same IP address within one web server.

If there are multiple domains using the same IP then we are talking about sharing IP address and if there is only one domain using unique IP address then we are talking about dedicated IP address. Our tool will always show you full list of all domain names pointed to entered IP or Domain.

Benefit of Reverse Lookup

Reverse lookup through IP address or domain may be useful when you are trying to find out more information about other web sites using the same IP address for SEO purposes (find out bad neighbors and phishing web sites) or when you are searching for not overseling hosting service (how many other sites are hosted on the same server).

If you chose for Compress Results then you will get compact result from our reverse lookup without any other options which may be worthwhile for finding more information about IP and owner of domain name.

Compress Results