Check the validity of the SSL certificate for website

The SSL certificate checking process takes place in the following stages:

  1. A request to review the SSL certificate is sent via the online form on this webpage for a specific domain. In this case
  2. Our Server first resolves the domain into an IP address ( in this case a domain name resolve to an IP address and then connects to the server of the given website asking for a digital identification (SSL certificate)
  3. The server of the requested domain sends us a response in the form of a copy of the SSL certificate (if they have one)
  4. Our tool checks to see if it is a valid SSL certificate or not and shows you the result of the checking process

The entire testing process is very fast and takes place in milliseconds.

If you are the owner of the domain and if the SSL test shows that the website does not use a valid SSL certificate, then consider buying a valid SSL certificate as soon as possible and ensure the safety and trust of your visitors in your website and your online business.

A complete overview with all visible details, after checking the SSL certificate for the requested domain, with the final conclusion, can be seen below.

Enter the new domain for which you want to check the SSL connection and find out if it uses a valid SSL certificate or not.

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Website Basic Info
Domain / Website:
IP Address:
Hostname of Website:
Nameservers: >> >> >> >>
SSL Certificate Test Process
  • Website Info From Cert
  • ame (All in one): /
  • CN (Server/Website Name):
  • SSL Cert Check
  • Version: 2
  • Issuer Country: US
  • Certificate Name: R3
  • Issued by Organization: Let's Encrypt
  • Valid From: 2023-Feb-25
  • Valid To: 2023-May-26
  • Total Valid Days: 89 days
  • Remaining Days: 56 days
  • Serial Number: 400787515048497737877772743248796118424639
  • Purposes
  • 1: sslclient
  • 2: sslserver
  • 3: nssslserver
  • 4: smimesign
  • 5: smimeencrypt
  • 6: crlsign
  • 7: any
  • 8: ocsphelper
  • 9: timestampsign
  • SSL Cert Extensions
  • Key Usage: Digital Signature, Key Encipherment
  • Extended Key Usage: TLS Web Server Authentication, TLS Web Client Authentication
  • Basic Constraints: CA:FALSE
  • Subject Key Identifier: F4:67:97:80:D1:88:7A:5B:D8:94:49:38:C4:58:16:9D:52:76:10:41
  • Authority Key Identifier: keyid:14:2E:B3:17:B7:58:56:CB:AE:50:09:40:E6:1F:AF:9D:8B:14:C2:C6
  • Authority Info Access: OCSP - URI: CA Issuers - URI:
  • Subject Alternative Name:,,,
  • Certificate Policies: Policy: Policy: CPS:
  • Public Key:
    -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY----- MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAtxHirZaihFFFqK+O3NMz OqswkLMeQ3/n2vaIUZdVQ6S2L2d+b5TFTKOjDXX/dQ74Ne+XD/GND+Rrc3kMEfiG ttZ4xQpX5PW6A3RdUromLX5TxcmkEFTTt0M093g0z8X+PoBKH5reMtfQxXeNAwmj wlRvmDN4Nlvvw8O7C0s5JYZOIuOM5+PLHsOIhn6/6KShBizDzGKtIubSaWHULEuc nGky5+o35Lv/RbPgqUVqbHDEZjjjbtRuYKIljh5+61+WHxVNr5wEgFW2omJpJNwb HdcAyfTeaIxIxo9nFPql4RXbHFYQhSJFrqkcnRLTC6c+ZOf5Y1jp92MtnX3PN9zb gwIDAQAB -----END PUBLIC KEY-----
Conclusion has a valid SSL certificate from a certificate authority (CA) Let's Encrypt, purchased op 2023-Feb-25 and which is valid until 2023-May-26 with serial number 400787515048497737877772743248796118424639.

There are a total of 56 days days left until this certificate expires.

Website use TLS / SSL / Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) https:// - encrypted and secure connection on port 443.
Well done!!! Thumbs UP - Secure SSL / HTTPS Connection for - Encrypted Connection on port 443 Secure & Encrypted connection - Perfectly Done


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