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Check SSL certificate for website Pro-net.ru

The SSL certificate checking process takes place in the following stages:

  1. A request to review the SSL certificate is sent via the online form on this webpage for a specific domain. In this case Pro-net.ru
  2. Our Server first resolves the domain into an IP address ( in this case a domain name Pro-net.ru resolve to an IP address and then connects to the server of the given website asking for a digital identification (SSL certificate)
  3. The server of the requested domain sends us a response in the form of a copy of the SSL certificate (if they have one)
  4. Our tool checks to see if it is a valid SSL certificate or not and shows you the result of the checking process

The entire testing process is very fast and takes place in milliseconds.

If you are the owner of the domain Pro-net.ru and if the SSL test shows that the website does not use a valid SSL certificate, then consider buying a valid SSL certificate as soon as possible and ensure the safety and trust of your visitors in your website and your online business.

A complete overview with all visible details, after checking the SSL certificate for the requested domain Pro-net.ru, with the final conclusion, can be seen below.

Enter the new domain for which you want to check the SSL connection and find out if it uses a valid SSL certificate or not.

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Website Basic Info
Domain / Website: Pro-net.ru
IP Address:
Hostname of Website: hosted-by.IHC.ru
ns1.ihc.ru >>
ns2.ihc.ru >>
SSL Certificate Test Process
  • Website Info From Cert
  • ame (All in one): /O=FASTVPS/CN=parking
  • CN (Server/Website Name): parking (Same as issuer = untrusted self-signed certificate)
  • Website Organization: FASTVPS
  • SSL Cert Check
  • Version: 2
  • Issuer Country: -
  • Certificate Name: parking (Same as subject = untrusted self-signed certificate)
  • Issued by Organization: FASTVPS
  • Valid From: 2021-Jul-06
  • Valid To: 2031-Jul-04
  • Total Valid Days: 3649 days
  • Remaining Days: 2540 days
  • Serial Number: 17469294574777810980
  • Purposes
  • 1: sslclient
  • 2: sslserver
  • 3: nssslserver
  • 4: smimesign
  • 5: smimeencrypt
  • 6: crlsign
  • 7: any
  • 8: ocsphelper
  • 9: timestampsign
  • SSL Cert Extensions
  • Basic Constraints: CA:TRUE (untrusted self-signed certificate)
  • Subject Key Identifier: 3A:35:88:84:71:EB:76:44:D4:96:CA:45:19:D7:9B:28:E3:22:B8:9C
  • Authority Key Identifier: keyid:3A:35:88:84:71:EB:76:44:D4:96:CA:45:19:D7:9B:28:E3:22:B8:9C
  • Public Key:
    -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY----- MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAx38ksmSVj1BO7ZZNDUwm qqBbkr4R+/wa4FvOCD3TVOQK5S6sX79YyKVYpN/fe2mONR1pWhWPba+D0isQHw4L hj3xyAQpd9275NxrI2+EQ+sTG3fMUfkJJ9ZkhEPfrriIY1pebxwC4CTz8IzBi0AE Xm7dEXycFL/fv+jZOFUWZZdQ0uf+ZN9bxKZ94VAXu6PdMlNZ1jgZ8r/xX7LykKVm Ac/Csle+9g/DSSLTzWWAo8QQ1anAu9jT3NAktJEraCkzmQNahKdVI5wgTwDVPtxD O4gUW4/+teK8fUU/IBKZOCslOIU4m+QkNX/LuW0Lh0ZFgfSLN6peXtBZIy5pXZjs kQIDAQAB -----END PUBLIC KEY-----

Website Pro-net.ru uses self-signed SSL certificate 'parking' that is not trusted by browsers.

Although there are still 2540 days days until the expiration of the self-signed certificate, this fact does not mean anything, since the self-signed certificate is generated by its own servers and not verified by a trusted CA.

Visitors will receive a warning when they visit this website with a self-signed certificate that their connection is not secure and that attackers may be trying to steal their sensitive information from Pro-net.ru (for example, personally identifiable information (pii) such as full name, address, date of birth or telephone number, then login, passwords, messages, bank and credit cards information).

Therefore, Pro-net.ru does not have a valid SSL certificate and use Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) http:// - unencrypted and non-secure connection on port 80.

Consider purchasing a trusted SSL certificate and upgrading to an TLS / SSL / Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) connection.

Thumb Down - Non-Secure HTTP Connection for Pro-net.ruPro-net.ru - Unencrypted Connection on port 80 Slow Connection - Badly Done

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